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From the Headmasters

We want all pupils, now and in the future, to receive the best education in high-quality, specialist teaching and learning environments. Worksop College will be carrying out a multi-million pound programme of developments. These developments represent very significant changes to our Schools. They have been organised into four phases:

Phase 1

The opening of the new Boys’ Boarding House and the reconfiguration of all Houses

Phase 2

The reconfiguration of the Main Building at the College site to equip it with up to date facilities and a dedicated Sixth Form Centre

Phase 3

The move of Years 7 and 8 to the College site and the development of a dedicated Junior House within the Senior School

Phase 4

The relocation of the Prep School to a purpose-built Junior School at the College site


This website page provides more details about this development, along with current concept designs and drawings.

This is a massive and exciting commitment from the Board, Leadership Teams and Staff to education now and in the future, especially in the junior years. We look forward to leading our Schools through this important period of investment and development.

Gavin Horgan

Gavin Horgan

Headmaster, The College

Christian Pritchard

Christian Pritchard

Headmaster, The Preparatory School

Phase 1: Construction of the New Boys’ Boarding House

Why are we doing this?

Boarding is thriving across all years. In 2012, 55% of pupils boarded; in 2015, this figure is 60% and the Prep School has also seen the return of boarding between 2012 and 2015. Boys’ boarding facilities need modernising: the new Gibbs House opened in 2007 and we will now be providing at least comparable facilities in the new House.

As our School continues to thrive and grow, more library, study and classrooms spaces are needed. Moving boarders to the new purpose-built facilities will free up space to reconfigure the Main Building. The work will also allow Phase 2 to take place.

What are we doing?

The construction of a new £3.5million, 60-bed Boys’ Boarding House will provide stunning boarding facilities for boys’ boarding. Mason House will move to the new building.

When are we doing this?

Work began on site in December 2014 and the new building will be open from January 2016.

Phase 2: Reconfiguration of the Main Building

Why are we doing this?

Improved academic results and an unrivalled offer means that our Sixth Form is flourishing. This highlights the need to update our library facilities and accommodate an ever-increasing demand for IT and specialist teaching spaces.

Space in the Main Building – where most teaching takes place – will have been freed up with the development of the new Boys’ Boarding House. Excellent Sixth Form education must be a bridge to University in all respects and that requires dedicated facilities.

What are we doing?

We will reconfigure the newly created space within existing buildings to develop a dedicated Sixth Form Centre and classrooms. There will be a significant extension to the existing Library. IT suites and other specialist teaching spaces will also be developed within this area. The new facilities will be purpose-built, state-of-the-art resources that are set in an environment that is designed to support study.

The space created by the new Boys’ Boarding House will also enable us to create attached accommodation for Housemasters /Housemistresses and their Assistants in each Boarding House. All Houses in the Main Building will be upgraded to provide a modern, homely environment. The boys of Portland and Pelham will merge into Pelham House. Portland House, whose wing originally housed the Preparatory School, will live on as the dedicated Junior House for Years 7 and 8 (please see Phase 3 for more information).

When are we doing this?

Work will begin in September 2015, with the merging of Portland and Pelham Houses. All works will be completed by December 2016.

Phase 3: Moving Years 7 and 8 to The College

Why are we doing this?

The development of a Junior House will provide a dedicated environment for preparing children to progress into the Senior School.

Under the care of a resident Housemaster and Housemistress, children will integrate and settle into the Senior School life in a supportive setting that is focused on the specific needs of Years 7 and 8, well ahead of a key stage of their academic career. The move will allow access to all facilities and resources at the College with careful retention of the nurture that is important to us.

What are we doing?

Portland House, the dedicated Junior House, will be located in what is currently the Meynell Building, from September 2016. The building will be redeveloped to accommodate Years 7 and 8. Existing accommodation will mean the Housemaster and Housemistress will be attached to the House.

The House will consist of bedrooms, study rooms, common rooms and a kitchen. There will also be a resident Matron attached to the Junior House. School House, which currently resides in the Meynell Building, will be relocated to the Main Building in the area currently occupied by Mason Senior Wing.

When are we doing this?

This work will take place in the Summer of 2016.

Phase 4: The New Junior School

Why are we doing this?

We want to provide our children with the best education possible and the creation of a one-site School will ensure greater continuity across our educational provision for pupils in all years, for generations to come.

Building a new Junior School means that children will benefit from state-of-the-art teaching and learning spaces. The facilities at Ranby House do not provide the modern teaching spaces that we need now or in the future. Feasibility studies to look at whether it is viable to develop the Ranby site to the same level as a new Junior School at the College site demonstrated that this is not possible.

We are thriving; this means we need to develop suitable facilities for our educational needs and desires and which accommodate this increased demand. In addition, the relocation of the Junior School to the College site maximises the opportunities for younger pupils and use of existing facilities at the College site. These include the Swimming Pool, Astro Pitches, Sports Hall, Theatre and Chapel.

What are we doing?

We will build a new, state-of-the-art Junior School for children in Nursery to Year 6 at the College site. This will be the best possible environment for our younger learners now and for the next fifty years.

This will be a high-quality, innovative Junior School, with facilities and spaces that have been designed for outstanding teaching and learning. In conjunction with staff across both Schools, the design for this building is underway. You can see the latest architect’s impression of the School below.

Award-winning Architects Page Park have been commissioned to work with us to design the Junior School. Synergy will manage the project. This is the tested and highly successful team that we are using on the new Boys’ Boarding House. They will continue their work with the Worksop College team, crucially including Christian Pritchard and other members of the Prep School SLT to refine and develop the plans for the new Junior School. The facilities will themselves be better than any available at the current site. This is before consideration of the many other facility benefits on the College site.

When are we doing this?

We are well underway with the design process and once these designs are complete we will move directly to planning. We estimate build time to be one year.

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