Last week, Worksop College students arrived in Argentina to begin their Rugby Student Exchange Programme.

We caught up with Clemens Roettgen, to see what the students got up to in their first week…

Our trip began on 3 July 2017 at London Heathrow. Surprisingly, without a delay and no technical related problems, we were able to board the plane at 11pm.

Once aboard the plane, Jordan and Alan made their way to their premium seats, which provided them with 2 cm extra legroom(and cost them £600 more!)

Whilst Nick and I were left to fight between ourselves to get the best seat. Absolutely exhausted, we were ready to relax, and more than happy to finally sit down. We quickly realised however, that two children sat behind us had other plans! True determination was shown by these kids, as they continued to kick our seats for almost the entire 14 hour journey!

At the airport, we were welcomed by our four Argentinian hosts and their teacher. After quite a long drive through Buenos Aires, we arrived at the school. Immediately being handed our uniform, which were slightly on the large side!

We were then given a tour of the school in the 20 degree sunshine, (it is currently winter in Argentina!) The school made us all feel welcome straight away. The people here are really nice too, very open and extremely friendly, although Miss Warner would enjoy walking through the school telling pupils that their hair was too long or the school uniform policy isn’t being followed properly!

On the next day, we were able to watch a 10-a-side rugby tournament, which was won without any difficulty by Newman. At this stage, Alan slowly realised that it could possibly be a tough game in September when we host the boys from Argentina!

Unfortunately, the weather on this day changed and it started raining so badly that the rugby tournament was suspended for an hour. When we questioned this, we were told:

“Well you are used to the rain, we are not!”  

On Friday we were invited to the well-known “Asado”, which is an Argentinian BBQ. The group and I concluded really quickly that the food was amazing, and also realised that we may have to sacrifice our summer bodies in order to fully enjoy this.

After a long night’s sleep, we all met again on Saturday to go bowling. The way to the shopping centre and general traffic situation is very complicated to explain. I am still trying to figure out what the basic rules are. My understanding is that it mostly comes down to communication between the drivers.

 The bowling was a very enjoyable activity and was won by Nick Hobbs. After an intense bowling session and a very much needed healthy lunch (McDonald’s), we went home to get some rest for what was going to be a long night.

I am still trying to get used to the Argentinian way of life. There is a light brunch, and then a normal lunch at 4pm and tea is 9pm at the earliest. The “fiestas” don’t start till midnight and don’t finish to… well let’s put it like this we could have called our parents to say good morning!

The four of us are really grateful for this opportunity, and are looking forward to the rest of our time here.





This week, Worksop College took part in the HMC Schools Foursome National Finals at Cotswold Hills Golf Club.

The final saw the eight top schools who had qualified nationally, play each other in the finals over two days.

The first day proved a tough challenge for Worksop College, as they were against Loretto and Reeds; the two finalists from last year. The whole Worksop team played well, with tremendous efforts from new members, Fabio Knapp and Toby Edwards.

Worksop’s match against Loretto proved to be an exciting match, but were disappointed to be narrowly beaten at the last hole.

In the afternoon, Worksopians Eddie Turner- Bennett and Ryan Wright were the only winners in their match against Reeds.

The second day saw William Hill and Toby Edwards gain an excellent half in their third match against Brentwood, however the top pair in the competition matched this as well.

The exhausted players played in the Plate Competition in the final afternoon with the other five non-finalists. Of the 18 pairs, Ryan Wright and Eddie Turner Bennett won the competition with an excellent level par.

Head of Maths, John Turner, who attended the finals said:

“All in all a tremendous week for our young team. Eddie and Ryan are a match for anyone nationally and William and Toby will have their day. A big thanks to all the parents who attended and made the event truly memorable.”


Photo Credit: John Turner

Need to know...

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In addition to the above, a hard copy of results can be collected from School.  Any results not collected by the end of the day will be posted to the address recently provided to the Examinations Officer by students.

Exam LevelDate/Time Results available via the PortalsDate/Time Collection available from SchoolCommentsRefreshments
GCE A2Thursday 17 August, 06:00amThursday 17 August, 07:00amSenior Leadership Team (SLT) available

Mr Kitchen*

Heads of Department are contactable
A light breakfast will be available between 7am and 9am
GCE ASThursday 17 August, 06:00amThursday 17 August, 09:00amSLT available
GCSE / IGCSEThursday 24 August, 07:00amThursday 24 August, 09:00amSLT available

Post Result Services (Enquiries about Results & Copies of Examination Scripts)

*The Head of Sixth Form, Mr Kitchen, will be available at School from 7am on Thursday 17 August to discuss the implications of results.  Students are aware of procedures for checking university acceptance online.  Competition for places will be high; the usual advice has been given to the Y13 students who will be in this country, preferably at school, for results day.  From past experience, for those whose results do not quite match the offer, the earlier a university is contacted, the more likely it is a place will be achieved.

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Yesterday, (Tuesday 4 July) Amelia represented Worksop College and the region in the 1500m at the National Prep Schools Athletics Finals at Alexandra Stadium in Birmingham.

22 schools participated in the 1500m race, which was divided in to two graded heats. During the first 800m of her race, Amelia was in 8th place, so decided to make a decisive move.

She pushed up the pace, and quickly made her way to the front. She then led the race until the final 35m, where she was beat into 2nd place by less than one second, taking home a national silver medal.

Amelia has not only surpassed her own personal best time, but has set a new school record of 5:05 minutes.

Congratulations Amelia – well deserved!


Worksop College will take part in the HMC Foursomes National Finals this week.

The final, which is held at Cotswold Hills Golf Club, will see the eight top schools who have qualified nationally, play each other in the finals over the next two days.

Worksop seeded 6th, and will play finalist favourites, Loretto tomorrow morning (Wednesday 5 July 2017).

The team includes: Fabio Knapp, William Hill, Toby Edwards, Joe Turner-Bennett, Ryan Wright and Eddie Turner-Bennett.

Head of Maths, John Turner, who is at the finals said:

“Our team is young, we have two Year 11 pupils, two Year 9’s and two Year 8’s. There are lots of parents in attendance including Fabio’s parents from Germany. It has been an early start for me!”

Good luck team Worksop!



Worksop College is hosting two hockey camps over the summer.

Our summer camps are set in a stunning 330-acre UK independent Boarding School with an outstanding reputation for Hockey and situated in the heart of England, home to the well-known Robin Hood!

Matthew Taylor, Director, MT 13 said:

“We are fortunate to call upon coaches of an international playing or coaching background to ensure our delivery is of the highest level.”

The camps are held on:

Mon 31 July – Fri 4 Aug
Mon 7 Aug – Fri 11 Aug

The camp is for 8 to 17 year olds who are looking to improve their hockey skills and each camp will feature:

  • 22 hours of hockey coaching for a range of abilities led by MT13
  • Hockey performance awards with Osaka hockey prizes
  • MT13/Osaka hockey camp kit provided

Click here for more information and to BOOK