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Theatre Trips

Review of a recent trip to Sheffield Lyceum to see Charles III.

“Sheffield Lyceum provided us with a window into the future of a troubled and fracturing Britain; careerism, familial betrayal and constitutional crisis abounded.

Robert Powell presented a Charles who turned to the past to secure his future- particularly Bagehot’s 19th century insistence of the threefold rights of a monarch:

  • The right to be consulted
  • The right to encourage
  • The right to warn

These were well and truly exploited by the power starved monarch he portrayed. Having waited so long to replace his mother on the throne, his desire to exercise the minimal power he had would ultimately lead to his tragic demise. And to our shock, this would come at the hands of none other than his own family – the publically adored Will and Kate.

The new and unique style of performance, a futuristic history play, was phenomenally encapsulated by the play’s writer. The play was skilfully crafted into blank verse, and included more hints at Shakespeare’s plays than simply iambic pentameter – with lines comparisons straight from King Lear and Henry IV, the audience were captured within the sense that they were watching a history in the making.

On our exit, the play well and truly had us asking “for what is power held if never used?”

Charles III reminded us how fragile Britain’s sense self is, but with 45% of Scots voting to leave the Union, and an EU referendum looming, it seems we hardly needed reminding.

Will Hayman, Huw Robinson