Every year a number of students join us from overseas enriching the community with the much-valued cultural diversity that they bring.

We take great care to help each pupil integrate and to provide for specific needs, with a member of staff holding a particular responsibility for assisting our overseas pupils. We also have a specially trained teacher of EAL (English as an Additional Language) who provides lessons according to the individual’s need. Two lessons of EAL per week are included in the fees.  Click here to view a copy of the EAL Handbook.

The admissions process for overseas pupils is exactly the same as the process for those applying from the UK (click here to view our admissions process). Whilst visiting Worksop College is preferable this is, inevitably, not always possible. Sometimes it is possible for the Headmaster to interview prospective pupils at overseas exhibitions or for our agents to conduct an interview on the school’s behalf. If both these routes prove unsuccessful then a telephone interview with the Headmaster can be arranged instead. Equally, entrance assessments can either be sat with our agents or under exam conditions at the current school.

Overseas payments can be made here.

Shown below are a number of commonly used words and terms which will be useful in your studies of certain subjects.  Please click on each link below to find a list of words which may be helpful.

Glossary – A Level Physics

Glossary – AS Level English History

Glossary – AS Level US History

Glossary – AS Level Music

Glossary – GCSE Physics

Glossary – GCSE History

Glossary – GCSE Music

Glossary – Geography