At GCSE level, Worksop College offers the opportunity to take a full course GCSE in RS. We follow the OCR Religious Studies B option: Philosophy and Ethics. This specification allows students to explore their own intuitions and beliefs alongside learning about Christian attitudes towards issues such as the existence of evil in the world, medical ethics, poverty and scientific challenges to religious beliefs.

At A-level, students again follow the OCR specification which looks at Religious Ethics and Philosophy of Religion. This is a broad course which focuses on the most prominent thinkers in Western Philosophy. The in depth study of Philosophy of Religion provides a well-structured opportunity to explore Philosophy in its wider sense. The study of Ethics incorporates carefully thought out theories such as Kantian Ethics alongside issues in applied ethics ranging from abortion to business ethics.

Outside of the curriculum the Religious Studies department runs a student led Philosophy Society. Each week we debate issues from across the many areas of life covered by Philosophy. We have debated whether playing violent video games is immoral, the problem of evil, whether we have a duty to give to charity, whether we can really know anything and many other topics.

In October 2015 Worksop College is hosting a two day Philosophy Conference. This exciting event will involve speakers, workshops and a Philosothon. For more information about this please visit